How to make your 2017 remarkable?

I hope everyone welcomed the new year with great celebration, full of hope and enthusiasm, forgetting about the failures in 2016 and hoping to change in 2017. Similar scenario must have been experienced last year as well. Taking up new resolutions, seeking the new year’s eve as turning points. The resolutions and the self-made promises fading away in a week or two, leaving the whole year to be just a replica of the previous one. Why does this happen? What can we do to make this year better than the previous one? Let’s find out.

1. Be Decisive and not Impulsive

Set a goal for this year or a theme of goals. Don’t set the goals or the theme in a hurry, take your time. Figure out what you really wish to achieve in this new year. Sleep over it and start the day with fresh goals. January 1 is not the deadline for ‘the change’.

2. Have a “Bucket List” of things

Figure out where you lack and make a list of things you wish to do in 2017, things which give or might give you happiness. It can be a list of classic movies or some awesome books, making YouTube videos, taking up a sport, anything which you always wanted to do, but procrastinated. Complete this list in your leisure time or take out time from your busy schedule to check off the list.

3. Take up new activities, build productive habits

We all know that we are a slave of habits, then why not have a good master. Let this year be the year of progressive change. Try your hand at at-least one new thing each week or each month. Try to write, to express yourself, just the way I did.

“You only fail when you stop trying”

4. Break your year into weeks

Don’t expect yourself to change from the Day 1. Habits form and change, but they do take time. If you wish to build a reading habit, don’t force yourself to complete half a novel in a day. Instead encourage yourself by reading a page each day for a week and two pages each day the following week and so on. Till the end of the year you’d be able to read 52 pages or even more in a day. The books which you couldn’t imagine to read will be an easy task just because of the habit you built. Likewise, break your goals such that you don’t find them difficult to achieve.

5. Monitor your year

Give a glance from time to time on your goals and your bucket list to make sure that they are being chased. Maintain a journal, write about the best thing that happened to you in the week. Do this every week and you’ll have 52 reasons to be happy by the end of the year. You can also rejoice them whenever you feel low.

I hope you all have a great new year and we make it remarkable.

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